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Post release 29th november 2018 The III International Conference “PULSE. New markets. New opportunities” was held on November 29, 2018 in Kyiv. The Conference gathered around 300 participants...
III International Conference 29th of November 2018 According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, this year, the farmers have threshed 4.4 million tons of soybeans from 1.7 million hectares, which is 600...
25-26.05.2017 From 25 to 26 May in Odessa, the Grain & Maritime Days 2017 conference held, the main purpose of which was an interactive discussion of the most pressing...
Report of Public Association “Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine” for 2015 year PublicAssociation «Community Of Pulse Producers And Customers Of Ukraine» took an active partintheeventsof 2015 including:

PublicAssociation «Community Of Pulse Producers And Customers Of Ukraine» took an active partintheeventsof 2015 including:


  1. 2015 Conference "FuturemarketsforEconomicCooperationforthedevelopmentofnationaleconomyofUkraine"tookplacein Kyiv, dedicatedtotheissuesofexpansionofmarketsforUkrainiangoodsandservicesto a varietyofbusinesses, inparticular, thedeepeningofcooperationwiththecountriesofNorthandSouthAmerica, theMiddleEastandtheAfricancontinent.
  2. 2015. Wehavepassedthetrainingcourse GAFTA "Preparationandexecutionofcontractualobligations." Kiev.
  3. 22-23.04.2015. TheConference «BlackSeaGrain»hostedinKyiv, inwhichweparticipated.
  4. 2016. Toparticipateintheinternationalconference "PotentialofUkrainiansoybean 2015-2020. Productionandprocessing "WiththesupportoftheMinistryofAgrarianPolicyandFoodofUkraineand" Ukroliyapromassociation. "
  5. 2015.V Kiev, wevisitedtheConference "Ukrainianforumonagriculturalandfoodpolicies" intheframeworkoftheInternationalAgriculturalExhibition "AGRO - 2015" TheeventwasorganizedbytheMinistryofAgrarianPolicyandFoodofUkrainejointlywiththe A7 CONFERENCES.
  6. 28-30.05.2015. WealsovisitedtheInternationalConference "GrainForum&MaritimeDays 2015" inOdessa, withthesupportof IA "APK - Inform" andinternationallawInterlegaservice.
  7. 2015. June 23-24 CommunityOfPulseProducersAndCustomersOfUkraine was a partofthe VI International scientific-practical Conference "Thecombinationofscience, education, practicalproductionandsalesof fair-qualityorganicproducts" atthe NSC "InstituteofAgriculture NAAS"
  8. 2015 In Kiev, met with industry Associations, Department of Food Ministry of Agriculture, with the participation of the Deputy Minister on Euro - integration - VladislavaValerievnaRutitskii.
  9. 2015. Became a participant of the Conference "Oilseed Industry - 2015" in Odessa The main thematic sections of the conference: Experience Ukrainian farmers in the cultivation of sunflower; The difference in cost of conventional seed and sunflower. The geography of the markets of sunflower oil in the World market of high-oleic sunflower oil: estimates and projections.
  10. 2015 in Kiev held a working meeting with the leadership of the Embassy of Republic of South Africa. Participated in the meeting: SklyarenkoAntonina, Ambassador Christian AlbertusBasson, Advisor - Ear Mwela envoy, First Secretary WischBadal. During the meeting they discussed issues that are aimed at the development of trade - economic cooperation between Ukraine and South Africa.
  11. 2015. We visited: the International Conference "Doing agribusiness in Ukraine: a time of profound change" which was organized by the association "Ukrainian club of agrarian business" and the agency Agro Event. In the event that annually brings together executives and business owners, government officials, international experts, we discussed the results of 2015 for the Ukrainian agricultural sector and considered the possibilities for its development in the next year.
  12. We participated in the International Conference «BLACK SEAOIL TRADE - 2015", where they presented SPPBU as a member.
  13. June 23-24 Communityof PulseProducersandCustomers of Ukrainevisited the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Association of science, education, practical production and sales of fair-quality organic products" at the NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS"

June 24 held a planned departure to the field, where examples of cultivation of organic products were presented.

  1. 2015. With our participation, was held an extended meeting of the AIC Entrepreneurs Committee at the UCCI. . At the meeting considered reports on the work of the Committee in 2015 and proposals for its work in 2016.
  2. 2015. Under the chairmanship of V. Rutinskoy we took part in the meeting, which discussed the free trade agreement with Israel. Also we sent a letter with proposals on cooperation with Israel.
  3. 2015. In Kiev we visited the international economic and investment forum "Ukraine – middle East and Africa: key areas of economic cooperation" under the auspices of the ICC Ukraine and the DP, and with the support of the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of economic development and Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Topics of reports: the State of economic relations between Ukraine, countries of Africa and the Middle East Agriculture of Ukraine: economic and investment cooperation with countries in the Middle East and Africa and other interesting reports.
  4. The first round of the Ukrainian agrarian Congress took place in Kyiv on 15-16 October 2015, which was attended by 116 companies, from 22 countries. Meeting of the representatives of agrarian business of Ukraine together with the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, the Agrarian Committee of the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine, the Ministry of economy and development of Ukraine. They also discussed issues of attracting investment in all sectors, including agricultural production, food processing, farming and building. Community of producers and customers also participated in the discussion of the issues.


11.2015 "Communityof PulseProducersandCustomers of Ukraine" took part in a large meeting of farmers in Dnipropetrovsk region, where we were invited by the «Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine». The charges were the result of the signing of the Memorandum of cooperation, UAFLO, and Community. The meeting held in the conference-hall in Dnipropetrovsk RSA, with the participation of more than 200 farmers.

"Communityof PulseProducersandCustomers of Ukraine" signed a Memorandum on cooperation with all-Ukrainian public organization "Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine".


  1. In early August, in the Cherkasy region in the city of Smila, with the assistance of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, National Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and the Breeding and genetics Institute – National center of seed and cultivation. We visited the scientific-practical conference, which was about the pulse breeding in Ukraine. The conference focused on the theme "Results and prospects of pulse breeding in Ukraine". Among the speakers were more than 30 representatives of industry.
  2. Together with the BukovynaState Agricultural Experimental Station of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukrainewe have developed a working draft on the topic: "The Program of Development ofInternal and External Pulse Consumption in Ukraine and abroad"
  3. We have received from the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute working draft on the topic: «The Program of Development ofInternal and External PulseConsumption in Ukraine» and abroad. The value of pulses for the agricultural sector of Ukraine"Communityof PulseProducersandCustomers of Ukraine".
  4. Together with TheInstitute of Irrigated Agriculture, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine submitted to us (SPPBU) working draft on the topic: "Growing Pulses in the steppe zone of Ukraine".
  5. Together with the Institute of Vegetable and Melon Farming of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, we made a project on the theme: "Development of organic vegetable growing". "The cultivation of vegetable legume crops in Ukraine and beyond its borders."
  6. From the Institute of Plant Industry. V.Y. Yuryev NAAS got a project on the theme: "Growing Pulses in Ukraine". "The peas cultivation in Ukraine."
  7. Together with SkvirResearch Station of Organic Production IAP made a project on the theme: "The Development of PulseProduction in Ukraine (chickpeas, beans, lentils, and other crops)".
  8. We, the "Communityof PulseProducersandCustomers of Ukraine" signed a Memorandum on cooperation between the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.
  9. August 27, 2015 called for a "Day of soy fields", which was held at the range of the Exhibition and Innovation Center of the National Academy of Sciences (KsaverivkaDruha village, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region). The purpose of this event was to assess the domestic soybean varieties in conditions of forest-Steppe of Ukraine and search of ways of realizing the potential of their productivity.


  1. 27-29.10.2015. The exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" was held the international exhibition "Inter AGRO Complex" Exhibition of innovative agricultural production and comprehensive development of agrarian business "inter AGRO Complex" Discussed topics: agricultural engineering technology, alternative and bio-energy, agro-processing, agribusiness infrastructure.
  2. 23-25 of September in Kiev took place on 18 agricultural exhibition "Farmer of Ukraine-2015", in which we participated. It was represented by machinery, equipment, and materials to farms and agricultural cooperatives, etc. during the exhibition held a series of educational meetings on the themes of the industry: conference "Practical experience of introduction of effective farming methods in Ukraine", "Ukrainian market of agricultural machinery and servicing farming: realities and prospects," round table "Organization of agricultural exports, attracting investment and creating joint ventures to enter international markets" as well as scientific-practical seminar "Intensive technology of cultivation of walnut and hazelnut".
  3. 27-29.10.2015. We visited the international exhibition of food and drinks WorldFood.


  1. 07.2015In Kiev a round tablewas held on the topic: "Monitoring and tracing of GMOs in the production and processing of soybeans." Discussed how to articulate a common position on the need to control GMO products to identify key actions, to achieve control and traceability of GMOs in production.
  2. 07.2015 In Kiev held a round table on the theme: "Control of GMOs in the production and processing of soybeans." Here discussed how to articulate a common position on the need to control GMO products to identify key actions to achieve control and traceability of GMOs in production.
  3. 12.2015We took part in a round table, where we discussed the efficiency of the work of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy for the year: export valuation. On the topic: "Year of work of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, through the eyes of experts."


  1. 08.2015 In the Kirovograd Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (called Kirovograd) held a specialized seminar on the theme "Development of organic farming in Ukraine.Certification.Promotion of organic products to domestic and foreign markets".With the support of Swiss – Ukrainian project "Development of the Organic Market in Ukraine". The Kirovograd regional chamber of Commerce and Industry. Highly qualified experts explainedthe current situation in thedomestic and international organic markets, the features of certification of organic production, the advantages of the expert organic products and raw materials of Ukrainian production, and a lot of other useful and interesting information.
  2. 27-28.11.2015-Participation in the event, under the auspices of the FAO/EBRD, in the Sumy Agrarian University.
    The first in Ukraine modular educational program for managers, agronomists and engineers of the farms with an area up to 5.thd.ha "Successful grain agribusiness in a small area".
    The second module "Technology of production and marketing of soybeans and other late crops". Made a presentation on the topic: "Pulses in the world. Ukraine–the present and the future".
  3. 24-25.09.2015. In Kiev, we attended a seminar on the topic: "Improving the level of confidence in the production of organic crops in Ukraine." The main objective of the seminar- is to support and expand the Western European markets for exports from Ukraine. Recently, sunflower flour exported to the European Union countries was heavily contaminated with pesticides. As a result, Western traders and the state authorities have doubts about the confidence of the import of organic products from Ukraine. For the first time in a long history, the Commission of the European Union even withdrew permission for the operation of the certification body for the organic production of ETCO (Turkey).
  4. 06.2015. We took part in a seminar in Skvira, Kyiv region. "Organic Field Day" at the Demonstration Test Site of Organic Production of the Skryvskaya Experimental Station for Organic Production of the IAP NAAN within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Development of the Organic Market in Ukraine" (2012-2016).
  5. The purpose of the event- is to transfer the experience of growing organic products using modern equipment on various agricultural crops. Among the guests of honor was the potential buyer of organic products Mark Fisher (KM commodity, Germany), who shared his plans for the future to work in the field of Ukrainian agrarian production.
  6. December 9, 2015 in Kiev, attended a training seminar. Formation of a new quality of district AFZ, in accordance with the decision of the 25th AFZU congress on "economic, legal protection of farms, increasing their competitiveness", for the chairmen of the regional AFZ of Kyiv, Kirovograd, Cherkassy and Chernigov regions.