Processing of agricultural products as a panacea for problems with logistics: real or not?

03 february 2023

Restructuring of global logistics chains is increasingly encouraging farmers to engage in their own processing. Transformations in crop rotation have already led to the expansion of the area under niche leguminous and grain crops, which should be processed in a closed cycle.

  • What processing products does the world need the most?
  • Oils, fodder, flour, cereals, legumes - where and how much can be exported?
  • How significant are investments in recycling and how quickly do they pay off in the new world realities?

Answers to questions - during the panel discussion "From cultivation and processing to the final consumer" at the international forum "Agrotransformations 2023", which will be held on February 17-18 in Warsaw.

Organizers of the event: Public Union "Association of Bean Producers and Consumers of Ukraine" and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Sponsors of the forum were:  Myande GroupEuronextINTRESCO LTDMakarony Polskie, Borsuk, MK Merchants SA.

Special partners Türk Ukrayna İşadamları Derneği (TUİD) та Gdańska Giełda Zboża, партнери – Ukrainian Agribusiness ClubUkrainian European Business Hub BBN, Altera Agro LLC, АПК-РесурсEuropean Business Association.