15th Anniversary Annual "Grain Forum & Maritime Days in Odessa 2016"

30 may 2016

From May 25 to May 28, 2016 in Odessa, the Black Sea Hotel, the largest event of the Black Sea region took place - the 15th anniversary annual "Grain Forum & Maritime Days in Odessa 2016". Organizers united in one event the two largest conferences, which covered the problems of grain export, its transshipment and sea transportation.

The conference was attended by grain trading and freight forwarding companies, agricultural producers, agricultural holdings, ports and ship-owners, traders and other industry organizations and enterprises.

During the Conference, three sessions were held, at which participants reviewed the features of world trade in a crisis, the trends of the Ukrainian grain market, discussed the problems of port and river infrastructure, as well as the development of small-tonnage transshipment and fumigation of grain cargo. In addition, a discussion was held on the topic of mixing grain at elevators.

Within the forum of the PA «Community Of Pulse Producers And Customers Of Ukraine», they tasted dishes prepared from chickpeas and lentils grown by Ukrainian farmers. Ukrainian Hummus and Chorba surpassed all taste expectations, adding to this their useful properties. We can say with confidence, that Ukraine has very big chance to increase the demand for pulse crops in the future.