First International Congress "Organic of Ukraine 2017 "

30 january 2017

January 26-28, 2017 in Kiev was the First International Congress "Organic of Ukraine 2017 Development of the organic market in Ukraine - from production to sales."

The program of the Congress included such events as an international forum, conferences devoted to the development of organic production in Ukraine, and an exhibition of organic products, as well as lectures for consumers. Participants had the opportunity to see the full range of organic products and be acquainted with the main players of the organic market of Ukraine.

The main objective of the Congress was to increase the efficiency of each organic operator and as an explanation of the benefits and risks for those, who decide to shift to organic production, and to familiarize the participants with the certification requirements for organic production, promotion of cooperation between state bodies and participants of organic market and so on.

The event united a forum, an exhibition, industry conferences, lectures for consumers, networking, a press center and excursions, where the “Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine” took an active part and the President of the Community made a presentation on the theme: "Prospects for the cultivation of niche Pulses in Organic farming ".