Land Relations and Agribusiness in Ukraine: Prospects, Problems, Solutions

21 may 2017

16.05.17 The group of companies International Finance Club "Banker AGRO" in partnership with AGROGENERATION Holding and SigmaBleyzer Company invited "Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine" to participate in the Agro-Conference "Land Relations and Agribusiness in Ukraine: Prospects, Problems, Solutions", which took place In Kiev in the restaurant "Panorama Hall".

The participants of the conference were heads of agroholdings, farms, the Committee for Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food in Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, representatives of banking and financial institutions, insurance, legal, leasing, Auditing campaigns, public and agro-expert organizations. The conference highlighted a number of acute problems of agribusiness in Ukraine and ways of their solutions.

Land relations representing threats and risks for agribusiness, such as "land wars", "raider seizure", slow growth of land ownership, further reduction in land area, rental price increase, tense property and distribution problems, land inventory, automation of the accounting system, as well as a number of compulsory actions contributing to the creation of a basis for legalization and legality in relations with state bodies, legalization of income and declaration of land under official processing.

PA "Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine" by President Sklyarenko A.V. gave a presentation entitled "The Pulse market in Ukraine", which with a great interest was perceived by members of the agro-conference.